Child Care Centre

NIPCCD runs a Child Care Centre (CCC) at its campus since its inception in 1981. CCC caters to children 3-4 years of age residing in neighboring localities like Shahpur Jat Village, Hauz Khas Police Colony and Staff Quarters at NIPCCD campus. It is being run along the ECCE Curriculum framework approved by Ministry of Women and Child Development. A trained teacher and a Helper with active participation of the community runs the programme following the content and methodology laid out by the National curriculum framework.  Thus, the Centre follows play-way and activity based approach to provide developmental stimulation care and learning. 

To provide a variety of experiences to children, the Centre undertakes activities like free and structured conversation, rhymes, songs, story-telling, story making, music and movement, dramatization, indoor play activities with blocks, beads, puzzles, etc., make belief play, clay modelling, outdoor games and  outdoor activities including free play  running, jumping, hopping, balancing, sand play, water play, gardening, nature walk, etc. 

Annually the Child Care Centre enrolls 30 children in the age group of 3-4 years from the neighboring localities.  The academic session starts from April every year. The center is run for three hours every day from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Every year, the Centre celebrates all Festivals, Universal Children's Day, Independence Day, Republic Day and birthdays of children attending CCC.   The Centre is jointly run with active participation of the community particularly mothers of the children attending Child Care Centres. Regular Mothers Meetings are organized at the CCC on themes relating to care, protection of children from diseases and malnutrition, developmental stimulation and monitoring their growth and development.  Parents are encouraged to practice the same at home.  Regular Parent Workshops are held for exchange of information and addressing developmental concerns of children.  Accordingly, follow up action is taken in the activities of the Centre as also in the sequential mother’s Meetings.

A fee of Rs.500/- is charged monthly from the families along with one time Registration Fees of Rs.100/-   50% concession of fee is given to families with the total income less than Rs.7000/- and the fees is waived off families less than Rs.5000/- as their total income. 

Contact us at (EPABX Nos) : 26963002, 26963204, 26969010, Extn. 409