Adolescent Guidance Service Centre


Recognizing the need for counselling and psychosocial intervention for adolescents the Institute has set up the Adolescent Guidance Service Centre (AGSC) in the year 2001 with the Vision to build society that ensures a healthy psychosocial development of young people so that they can experience a sense of well- being and grow up as adults with constructive attitude towards self and the society. 

The mission of AGSC is to strive towards promotion of positive mental health of adolescents thereby preventing psychosocial problems amongst them by fostering development, promoting childhood experiences and ensuring access to mental health 

To provide counseling and psychosocial care through a comprehensive adolescent guidance programme.

To ensure accessibility of services and avoid
the stigma attached to access services, AGSC adopts a two-fold strategy towards the delivery of counseling & Psychosocial interventions for adolescents.

  • It develops need-based promotive/ preventive programmes in collaboration with the key stakeholders in schools and setting that are accessible to adolescents.
  • It has 'walk-in' counseling and Guidance service for adolescents at its 'Adolescent Guidance Service Centre' at the Institute.


  1. Clinical Services
    Adolescent Guidance Service Centre offers to young adults falling within the age range of 12 to 19 years comprehensive diagnostic and counseling services by a qualified team of professionals, comprising counselors, clinical psychologist, social worker, and psychiatrist. The adolescents who have specific difficulties in learning and behavior or who have mental health problems like anxiety, depression, examination stress etc. can approach the Centre for assessment and counseling. The center adopts a bio-psycho-social approach to assessment and renders services such as academic guidance and counseling, supportive counseling, crisis intervention, cognitive behavior therapy, and family counseling. The center also offers career guidance and family life education to all young people for enabling a smooth transition from childhood to adulthood and for effective planning for the future.
  2. Outreach Activities
    The Institute strives for building collaboration with all the stakeholders in schools and other Institutes to develop promotive, preventive and supportive mental health programme for adolescents through extensive group work intervention, workshops and awareness generation, campaign on different issues of Family Life Education, Life Skill Education, Nutrition Education, Stress Management, etc.

We are committed to helping Adolescents

  • Actualize their dreams
  • Cope with their day- to- day stresses
  • Develop a sense of personal identity
  • Respond to conflicts and take up stances
  • Find directions to reach out their aspirations


For an appointment, please contact at 26852702 

                                 EPABX Nos :   26963002, 26963204, 26969010 - Extn. 406