सहायक निदेशक

Name Designation Division/ RCs Phone   Fax   E-Mail Address
Dr. Ganga Jyothi Assistant Director RC(B) 9341845036   28461793   ganga.nipccd@gov.in
Shri H.P.Joshi Assistant Director  M.E. 26967078   26602312   harijoshi.nipccd@gov.in
Smt. K. Jaya Ranjani Assistant Director RC(B) 9648141437   28461793     kjaya.nipccd@gov.in
Smt. Leena Kumari Assistant Director RC(L) 9415445883   2361885   leena.nipccd@gov.in
Dr. Monika Sharma Assistant Director RC(M) 8948004594     monika.nipccd@gov.in
Shri Mukesh Maurya Assistant Director RC(L) 9452243700   2361885   maurya.nipccd@gov.in
Shri Mushir Alam Assistant Director RC(G) 7002130587   3612301084   mushir.nipccd@gov.in
Dr. Naveeda Khatoon Assistant Director RC(B) 9945637949   28461793   naveeda.nipccd@gov.in
Smt. Poonam Sharma Assistant Director Programme Unit 26534014   26966329   poonamsharma.nipccd@gov.in
Smt. Prema Pandey Assistant Director Women Development 26566995   26566995   prema.nipccd@gov.in
Dr.Ritu Geu Goswami Assistant Director RC(G) 9707010105   3612301084   ritugeu.nipccd@gov.in
Dr. S.S.Senapati Assistant Director Training 26967078   26602312   shekhars.nipccd@gov.in
Smt. Satbeer Chhabra Assistant Director Women Development 26566995   26566995   satbeer.nipccd@gov.in
Smt. Seema Gupta Assistant Director Child Development 26602311     seemag.nipccd@gov.in
Shri Sumit Duggal Assistant Director  RC(I) 9953082000     sumitduggal.nipccd@gov.in
Shri Sunil Kumar Assistant Director RC(M) 9305933554     sunilkumar.nipccd@gov.in
Smt.Thangzamawi Guite Assistant Director  RC(G) 9435559405   3612301084   thangza.nipccd@gov.in
Smt. Vandana Sharma Assistant Director Child Development 26602311   26602311    vandanasharma.nipccd@gov.in

Disclaimer : The list of Assistant Directors is in alphabetical order and not in seniority order.